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      house painter in Houston TX

      Frank Portillo is a house painter in Houston TX and is the owner of Frank’s Painting and Remodeling.

      Frank’s Painting and Remodeling have been serving the Houston Area for over 10 years. The quality and craftsmanship are among the best that you will find from any contractor here in the Houston Area. We take the time to assess the work needed and will even recommend the best course of action that may even save you some money one the long run.

      The team consists of trained and experienced painting contractors that are great for custom painting, drywall, drywall repair, staining, woodwork repair, framing repair, sheetrock repair and patching, and much more.

      Our team will treat your belonging with the utmost respect and care. Your home will be in better shape after we’ve come by and provided our service, and not vice versa. We’ll always complete the jobs as expected or will go above and beyond to make it better if possible, all while staying within your budget and time frame. Your project will come out as good if not better than you imagine. These qualities are what make Frank’s Painting amongst the most sought-after exterior and interior painting contractors in all of Houston.

      We Know the Best Paint Required in Houston

      At Frank’s Painting, we provide much more than Houston Painting Contractors; we also offer great repair professionals and experienced color options. If you just want to put a fresh coat of paint to your exterior to add to your already beautiful curb appeal, or spice up your interior with up-to-date colors and decor, our skilled painters and skilled craftsmen will always go above and beyond to get the project right.

      We know perfectly the Houston climate is very hot, and during the winter seasons, the climate can go from hot on one day to cold the next. Our goal is always long-term and we always use the best paint and products to protect against the Texas Sun. Exposure to UV Rays can cause the paint to fade and lose its original color. Let our team of professionals suggest the best paint and color and the right type of paint for the job.

      With Houston’s Humidity and rain, your exterior paint also faces potential problems. Wood surfaces are very likely to be affected by the high Houston humidity. 

      house painter in Houston TX
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      Contact our House Painter in Houston TX

      We always strive for customer satisfaction at every project. We will walk every client from the initial phone call, we’ll explain step-by-step the process required, provide an accurate estimate, finish in the time required, and after we’re done we will clean out the area before we provide you with the finished end project. Give us a call today and we’ll come out to give you a complimentary, written estimate you. If you need any interior or exterior painting contractor, call Frank’s Painting and Remodeling at (832) 212-2616 and request your complimentary estimate. If you prefer email, you can also fill out the form at the top and the bottom of the page.

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